Informal Arrangements
32” x 32”


    The events that have transpired over the last two years have radically altered our perception of day-to-day life. The foundations of the society in which we live, and our notions of family, property ownership, work, technology, and life expectations, have been laid bare by a series of unprecedented social, political, climatic, and pandemic-related challenges. We, as a global community, can attest to the amount of time we have had to spend indoors - taking shelter, isolating ourselves, and making necessary adaptations. The domestic interior hybridized into a space of otherness; in addition to its standard programs, it took on the forms of a range of interiors - classrooms, offices, conference rooms, concert halls, etc. As these add-ons begin to transition from temporary to permanent, it is imperative that we reimagine our interiors to better accommodate the overlap between our private and public lives.
    The intent of this project is to reimagine our relationship to domesticity by creating a series of furniture objects in which reside traces of our past behaviors and imply future arrangements that reflect a new informal way of life.